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Together, research, practice, local needs assessments, and a commitment to collaboration create a roadmap for what works to educate the whole child. Use this section to get the resources you need to identify and address challenges in educating the whole child such as bullying and implement evidence-based practices such as arts integration. Explore each topic to get free resources from experts and practitioners committed to building your capacity to educate the whole child. Come back each month as we focus on a new topic of critical importance to educating the whole child.

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Engaging Learning Strategies

Learning is active, engaging, and social. Students need to be engaged and motivated in their learning before they can apply higher order, creative thinking skills. They are most engaged when they themselves are part of constructing meaning, not when teachers do it for them. By encouraging students to meet challenges creatively, collaborate, and apply critical thinking skills to real-world, unpredictable situations inside and outside of school, we prepare them for future college, career, and citizenship success.

Effective classroom instruction that embraces both high standards and accountability for students' learning can be project-based, focused on service and the community, experiential, cooperative, expeditionary ... the list goes on. These engaging learning strategies are grounded in instructional objectives, provide clear feedback, and enable students to thrive cognitively, socially, emotionally, and civically.

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Whole Child Examples

Community Example

School Provides a Foundation to a Lifetime of Knowledge

Anansi Charter School’s mission is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children of all races, creeds, religions, and special needs develop a love of learning and acquire a strong foundation on which to build a lifetime of knowledge.

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Fast, Free, Online: The ASCD School Improvement Tool

Designed for use in schools and districts, the free ASCD School Improvement Tool offers educators a comprehensive and completely online needs assessment.