Core Values and Intrinsic Motivation Help Foster Learning

Kellison Elementary School, Fenton, M.O.

A large, diverse elementary school, Kellison uses core values (or “Tigertudes”) to form a common language. According to former principal Tracy Edwards, “The staff at Kellison works really hard to ensure success for all of our students.” Like other Rockwood schools, Kellison has embraced the Caring School Community (CSC) model. Kellison teachers moved away from extrinsic rewards some time ago, citing an emphasis on goal setting and the support of parents that allowed them to do so. “Trinkets” are no longer found at Kellison. Students participate in service projects for the joy of helping others, not to win a pizza party. According to Edwards, “Each year we continue to see [fewer] office referrals for disrespect, and we solidly believe that this is the result of our concentrated character work.” Kellison has a mature, embedded character initiative that has reached a high level of excellence.

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