Dept. of Defense School in Texas Allows Students to Thrive in an Atmosphere of Academic Challenge

Duncan Elementary School, Fort Hood, T.X.

Duncan Elementary School is one of four elementary schools on the Fort Hood military base, the largest military installation in the world. The school provides a safe haven for military children. Parent Gary Tomblin describes the children at the school as “different in that they know life and death,” adding, “[T]heir parents are part of an organization where character is part of who they are. For everyone at Duncan, character is a way of life.” Duncan’s character education program teaches students basic values, and it permeates all aspects of the school. Students determine the direction of club activities. All service-learning projects are now part of the lesson plans that teachers have generated or are part of the planning process of the student-led clubs. Rigorous reading in the content areas, reading intervention programs, and overall high expectations allow students to thrive in an atmosphere of academic challenge.

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