Engaged Learning Community Creates Safe, Supportive, Challenging Environment for Students

Ashton Elementary, Cumberland, R.I.

Ashton Elementary School, located in Cumberland, R.I., is a diverse family of learners in which a partnership of school, family, and community collaborate to develop a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment. The school was the winner of the Rhode Island ASCD Whole Child Award for its rich educational experience of engaged, meaningful learning opportunities for K–5 students, parents, and teachers. The school challenges students with a strong foundation in literacy and math across the curriculum. Benchmarking systems are used regularly to monitor student achievement and provide differentiated instruction to support learning for all. Students that need support are referred to a Target Team where additional check in-check out, social skills training, in-school counseling and wrap-around services for the family are offered. The school uses the Child Enrichment Program, which offers after-school activities for students to engage their interests and talents including karate, drama, art, yoga, global celebrations, basketball, scrapbooking, mad science, chorus, cartooning, and cooking club. The supportive community at Ashton Elementary provides a great example of what happens when students are put on the right track.

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