Golden Rule Thrives in Guffey, Mo.

George Guffey Elementary School, Fenton, M.O.


Students recite the “Shine On” character pledge daily, and they strive to be “Guffey’s Gold” by treating one another the way they would want to be treated. Teachers greet their students at the door every day with a smile to welcome them into the classroom and set the tone for the day. According to principal Jackie Waller, “Students at Guffey feel safe and know they are surrounded by caring individuals.” Kristen Pelster, the principal of Ridgewood Middle School (a 2006 NSOC and the school to which the Guffey students proceed upon graduation), comments that she has seen positive changes in the Guffey students who come to her school. She reports that Guffey students are leaders on her campus. Parents and community members declare that the staff is unified in their approach to character.

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