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From Kindergarteners to Pre-Service Teachers, Flourishing Learning Community Serves All Students

University of Wyoming Lab School, Laramie, Wyo.

Located on the University of Wyoming (UW) campus, the University of Wyoming Lab School serves as a hub for innovative, research-based education for its students, as well as those in the UW Teacher Education Program. With more than 400 preservice teachers completing observations and practicum experiences in the classrooms, UW Lab School is not only providing a rich educational experience for its K–9 student population, but also for future teachers.

Engaged and meaningful learning is a critical part of the curriculum at UW Lab School, and teachers believe that students are fully capable of self-directed learning and independent research. From weekly art, music, and physical education classes to research-based mathematics and integrated literacy coursework, students develop well-rounded knowledge and an awareness of multicultural issues.

Collaboration with the UW Department of Anthropology has given students the chance to apply classroom content to real-world experiences as they participate in a National History Channel Save Our History Project that involves analyzing excavation data, exploring cultural and economic implications related to identified artifacts, and helping to create an exhibit.

The high level of achievement at UW Lab School is indicative of the flourishing learning community and the school's commitment to providing the best education experience for every student.

District Middle School Educates the Whole Child Through Arts Emphasis

John Philip Sousa Middle School, Washington, D.C.

Educating the whole child through an arts emphasis is at the forefront of a rigorous academic curriculum at John Philip Sousa Middle School in the District of Columbia. As an arts catalyst and full-service school, Sousa Middle School provides students the best of both worlds.

While dance, visual art, drama, and music are woven into every discipline, behavior, academics, attendance, social and emotional development, parents and the community, and teacher development play a huge role in the entire vision of the school.

Data-driven instruction is used to meet the needs of every student, and instructional coaches, mentors, and social workers are easily accessible throughout the day, allowing both students and teachers to receive support. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of after-school programs, and the school recognizes extracurricular activities and sports as an important gateway to healthy development.

Whether students are in the classroom, on the field, or in the dance studio, the positive values instilled in their experience at Sousa Middle School will remain with them as they reach their full potential.

Underserved Students Realize Dreams of College

Bronx Preparatory Charter School, Bronx, N.Y.

Bronx Preparatory Charter School in New York prepares underserved middle and high school students for higher education, civic involvement, and lifelong success by holding high expectations and providing a caring, structured environment.

The school's 700 students in grades 5–12 spend 50 percent more time in school than their peers in traditional public schools, and school heavily emphasizes math and literacy. Middle school students attend up to two hours each in math and English daily and are introduced to high school-level content in 8th grade. During the 11th and 12th grades, students can take college-level courses.

College is integrated into every aspect at Bronx Prep, with rooms named after colleges and universities and teachers constantly referring to students' future higher education. Consistent science, social studies, physical education, and artistic block scheduling provide a well-rounded education. Middle and high school students spend one hour a day, four days a week participating in classes such as piano, violin, dance, and drama. One hundred percent of the school's first three high school graduating classes were admitted to four-year colleges.

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