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School Prepares Students to be Good Leaders and Future Citizens

Russell Middle School, Colorado Springs, C.O.

The community of Russell Middle School sought to be the change they desired to achieve; to “live out loud” by a set of principles worthy to be carried forward to the next generation. They wanted to know that their students were prepared, not only to be good citizens in the future, but also to grow into leaders today. Since its beginning, the integration of the character education program has been an integral component of the universal school improvement process.

School adopts New Character Education Program

Mountianville Academy, Alpine, U.T.

Over the summer of 2009, after discussions with key stakeholders, Mountainville Academy (MA) administrators decided to adopt “Leader in Me” as our character education program after seeing it at another National School of Character. Before school began, the program was introduced to teachers, parents, and staff members during a week-long training. To facilitate implementation schoolwide, the school created a team called the Lighthouse team. In October 2009, the program was introduced to the students. In the spring of 2010, parent representatives were invited to join our Lighthouse team. Our Lighthouse team directs our character education and school climate.

“Educating Every Student, Every Day in Every Way”

North Boulevard Elementary, Pompton Plains, N.J.

North Boulevard (NB) School’s mission statement is “Educating Every Student, Every Day in Every Way (E3).” E3 embodies our key character education concepts. The NB character initiative is highlighted by a developmental approach to conflict resolution (Peace Bridge, Peacemakers, and Heart Club). NB students learn and apply these core values through our version of the Bucket Filling Program. Our students learn and use the vocabulary of Bucket Filling combined with anti-bullying concepts through frequent CE lessons. The values of caring and empathy extend beyond the boundaries of the school through grade-level service learning projects and our School Ambassadors Club.

School Environment Creates Loving Community where Students, Teachers, and Parents Feel Like Family

Plattin Primary School, Festus, M.O.


Plattin Primary School’s goal is to create a loving community where students, teachers, and parents feel like family. Families and teachers desire to be there and work to build a culture that they can be proud of. They build the foundation in academics and have carried forward that same theme for character development. PPS hopes to build a strong foundation of character that the children will carry with them throughout their lifetime. Plattin staff realizes that character education is not something new that has been added to their plate, but rather the plate upon which all else is placed.

Individualized Education Helps Support School’s Diverse Student Population

Northview High School, Florissant, M.O.

Northview High School is a public separate special education school in the Special School District of St. Louis County. Northview serves a diverse student population with significant support needs as outlined in their individualized education plans. Students either require significant support to access curriculum or have not been successful in the traditional school environment. The movement from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation has been very challenging as we are a special education school working with students across the continuum. The character education journey has taken strong dedication and is the result of a steady increase in staff commitment.

School Celebrates All Voices as Children, Parents, and Staff Unite.

Stockton Elementary School, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Richard Stockton Elementary School celebrates all voices as children, parents, and staff unite. SES plans together, shares sorrows, respects one another, celebrates differences, and experiences amazing daily adventures. The staff broke into groups to create an ideal school and presented to each other their team vision. Trust, respect, a collaborative work environment that was welcoming and safe to students, staff, and parents were common threads. Today what stands out at Richard Stockton is the comprehensive approach to character education, the opportunities for student and staff voices to be heard, and the goal of providing genuine opportunities for moral growth.

MIssouri School Empowers Students to be Confident, Curious, Creative, and Collaborative Problem Solvers

Ross Elementary, St. Louis, M.O.

Ross students are empowered to be confident, curious, creative, and collaborative problem solvers. They exhibit character, celebrate diversity, and honor individuality in a safe and nurturing learning environment. The goal is to build a positive and safe environment where children and staff can take risks, challenge themselves, and solve problems in an ever-changing world. Character education at Ross is not a program for everyone to follow, but is a way of doing. It is who Ross is. The core Ross Guiding Lights (honesty, perseverance, responsibility, respect, compassion) penetrate the culture of the school.

School Community Provides Wonderful and Challenging Journey

Shades Cahaba Elementary School, Homewood, AL

Living and learning at Shades Cahaba Elementary School is a wonderful and challenging journey. Staff there know that the power of any program is through common language. When everyone speaks the same phrases, true understanding occurs. SCES developed the Shades Cahaba Way, standards by which the school lives and learns daily. The first five are typical school rules; the sixth is unique: Have fun, life is a gift! These statements influence learning as well as the social and disciplinary interactions in the school.

Character Education helps Students become better Learners, Classmates, and Citizens

Trautwein Accelerated Elementary School, St. Louis, M.O.

In education today, there is the concern that we put too much on our teachers’ plates. Trautwein Accelerated Elementary School believes that character education is the plate. It supports everything they do. With character education support, students become better learners, classmates, and citizens; staff become better colleagues and models for students; and parents are more involved. TAES develops students who are successful academically and socially. Student involvement is an integral part of the school’s efforts as it strives to create a sense of belonging.

Bulldog B’s: Be respectful; Be responsible; Be prepared; and Be a Student of Character

Southern Middle School, Sinking Spring, P.A.

Southern Middle School students and teachers started the 2011–12 school year dedicated to making character an integral part of each day. Teachers, parents, and students collaborated to incorporate the district’s seven core values into the four “Bulldog B’s.” These expectations, displayed throughout the building, state: Be respectful; Be responsible; Be prepared; and Be a student of character. Exposure to the “Bulldog B’s” occurs in writing prompts, readings, cooperative activities, and advisory lessons. WSMS believes students who demonstrate good character will have a positive influence in the community.

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