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School District’s Ties With Wellness Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Pottstown School District, Pottstown, Pa.

Pottstown School District in Pottstown, Pa., has a strong relationship with the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation. In addition, the district collaborates with community-based organizations that share the common goal of keeping students healthy to promote effective learning.

Pottstown School District is an ASCD Healthy School Communities site and mentors other schools and districts interested in connecting health and learning.

Canadian High School Encourages Parents and Students to be Proactive in School Community

Iroquois Ridge High School, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Iroquois Ridge High School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, has focused on increasing the involvement of the school community and establishing a parental engagement program that matches parents' skills with the school's needs. Its transition program helps 9th graders connect to the school community by developing a sense of belonging.

Additionally, on-site community professionals provide access to services for youth and parents. The Tuesday at Ten and Tuesday at Seven programs connect parents with one another and with the school to support learning about healthy lifestyle choices. Students have been heavily involved in advocating for and opening a local youth health clinic, the first-ever in Oakville. Iroquois Ridge is a Healthy School Communities site.



A Happy Environment Is Always a Safe Environment

Orange County School District, Orange County, N.C.

Orange County School District in Hillsborough, N.C., works to ensure safe environments by creating a protocol to reduce the psychological effect of traumatic events using the foundation of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). CISM is a method of managing the aftermath of a crisis in a coordinated way for students and employees, and it can also involve local stakeholder agencies in delivering services.

Of the 13 schools in the Orange County district, 4 schools—2 elementary, 1 middle school, and 1 high school—are Healthy School Communities Associate Sites. All Associate Sites have completed the Healthy School Report Card and meet regularly with their core teams to determine how to best strengthen their healthy school community environments. The district also has a Healthy School Communities team to oversee the activities of the Associate Sites.

Collaboration with Hospital Promotes Healthy Lifestyles Among Students

Batesville Community School Corporation, Batesville, Ind.

Batesville Community School Corporation, a school district in Batesville, Ind., was a part of the field test of the first edition of Creating a Healthy School Using the Healthy School Report Card: An ASCD Action Tool.

One initiative involves collaboration between Margaret Mary Community Hospital, a local Food and Growers Association, and the school corporation to improve cafeteria food offerings and expose students to more fruits and vegetables. Another addresses the critical problem of teen drinking by the school corporation's Drug Free Task Force's Choices program, which includes parents and students in alcohol abuse education events and provides a safe, supervised, and alcohol-free place for teens to socialize within the small community. Since the Choices program was implemented, Batesville has seen a reduction in both alcohol use and alcohol-related discipline referrals.

Batesville Community School Corporation is an ASCD Healthy School Communities site and mentors other schools and districts interested in connecting health and learning.

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