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It Takes a Village

Westside Village Magnet School, Bend, Ore.

One of the key factors that strengthens student, staff, and family engagement at Westside Village Magnet School, in Bend, Ore., is relationships. At Westside Village Magnet School, all stakeholders are endowed with a sense of belonging and find space to collaborate to support an inclusive and democratic learning environment that meets the individual needs of each child.

With a well-rounded, hands-on curriculum that is integrated with the arts, health and wellness, civics, and outdoor "adventure learning," students not only have overwhelmingly achieved high test scores, but they have also learned to be self-advocates for their learning needs.

For example, West Village students' passions and personal learning goals are integrated into the curriculum. One year, students learned about environmental and social issues, then held a community fair on sustainability where they presented various community-wide projects, ranging from teaching water conservation to holding a Pennies for Peace drive. Some students still continue working on these projects long term, and local organizations have asked them to participate in their own outreach efforts.

In It Together: Parents, Students, and Teachers Engaged in Improving Learning

Monroe Elementary School, West Valley City, Utah

Students at Monroe Elementary School in West Valley City, Utah, are just as involved in monitoring their academic progress as their teachers and parents. Monroe Elementary successfully relies on data to improve teachers' effectiveness in teaching and supporting the individual needs of each child.

Student Education Plan conferences bring together students, teachers, and parents to review student data, and they have been invaluable in allowing students to set education goals to work on throughout the year. The school also provides a Family Literacy Program to Spanish-speaking parents, who attend English classes and learn side by side with their children.

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