Parent and Family Engagement

Learning does not begin or end in school. In fact, the learning and development that does—or does not—happen outside of school is often as much or more important than formal learning. Families are a central source of children's learning and development and their influence cannot be ignored. Engaging with families can inform, complement, reinforce, and accelerate educators' efforts to educate the whole child. Without strategic and continuous connections between families and educators, we cannot ensure that students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

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Families and Schools Get Engaged: A Long Road to a Great Marriage?

OK, maybe you've been burned once. Maybe it's even happened twice. But are you prepared to let those isolated incidents get in the way of all the great things that can come from a committed partnership?

No, we're not talking about your love life; we're talking about building a different kind of partnership—a school–family partnership. These partnerships can sometimes feel as complicated and dramatic as our past or present love lives. Some of us—teachers, principals, parents, guardians, and students—have been burned in the past and are hesitant to give it another try. And when we do take that leap of faith, we bring forth our fears, which can interfere with developing meaningful relationships. But just as research has suggested that people in committed life partnerships enjoy many benefits, such as longer lives and better mental and physical health, so do young people greatly benefit from families and educators who commit themselves to developing and sustaining partnerships.

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Whole Child Examples

Middle Grades Example

Strengthening Bonds, Growing Confidence

Coastal Middle School, a Georgia Lighthouse School to Watch, relies on strong community bonds to boost student achievement.

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