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Preschool Education and Its Lasting Effects: Research and Policy Implications

Education and the Public Interest Center and Education Policy Research Unit, 2008. (PDF, 37 pgs.)

Amid debate over the benefit of preschool programs, this brief examines what researchers currently know about the potential of those programs to bring about positive change.

Measuring Skills for the 21st Century

Education Sector, 2008. (PDF, 18 pgs.)

Standing in the way of incorporating 21st-century skills into teaching and learning are widespread concerns about measurement. New assessments illustrate that the skills that really matter for the 21st century—the ability to think creatively and to evaluate and analyze information—can be measured accurately and in a common and comparable way.

Making the Grade in a Global Economy

Is It Good For the Kids, ASCD, 2008. (web column)

It is crunch time for scaling up school reform in the United States. At stake is whether an entire generation of learners will fail to make the grade in a global economy. This editorial calls for systems, schools and communities to prepare whole children for the whole world.

Making Every Moment Count: Maximizing Quality Instructional Time

Multiple associations, 2007. (PDF, 31 pgs.)

A collaborative project that includes short papers by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the International Reading Association, the National Council for the Social Studies, and many other educational groups on their recommendations to promote effective use of class time.

Learning, Arts, and the Brain

Dana Foundation, 2008. (PDF, 126 pgs.)

A multi-university report on arts and cognition reveals new insights into the arts-thinking skills connection.

Instructional Time in Elementary Schools: A Closer Look at Changes for Specific Subjects

Center on Education Policy (CEP), 2008. (PDF, 8 pgs.)

This report examines the magnitude of changes in instructional time in elementary schools in the years since NCLB took effect in 2002.

Immigrant Students and Secondary School Reform: Compendium of Best Practices

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), 2004. (PDF, 84 pgs.)

A broad review of literature about immigrant students and recommendations of best practices collected through surveys, interviews, and conversations with school district leaders.



Framework for 21st Century Learning

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2007. (web report)

The Framework for 21st Century Learning, a plan to help students and educators achieve 21st-century learning goals, addresses key concerns by developing a clear vision for student outcomes in the new global economy and defines how school systems can best support them.

Foreign Language Learning Gap Concerns U.S. Leaders

Education Update, ASCD, 2006. (web article, available for purchase)

The U.S. lags behind other nations in foreign language learning, and various educators and policymakers have ideas on how to close the gap.

Engaging the Whole Child

Educational Leadership, ASCD, 2007. (web publication)

Which practices put the whole child at the center of the education enterprise? Learn about practices that challenge students academically, engage their interests and enthusiasm, and support them as learners and people.

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