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Are They Really Ready to Work?

The Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working Families, The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, The Society for Human Resource Management, 2006 (web report, free registration required)

An in-depth study of the corporate perspective on the readiness of new entrants into the U.S. workforce by level of educational attainment, including results from both a survey conducted during April and May 2006 and interviews with a sampling of a dozen human resources and other senior executives.

21st Century Skills, Education, and Competitiveness: A Resource and Policy Guide

Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2008. (PDF, 20 pgs.)

This guide summarizes the challenges and opportunities that, if left unaddressed, will curtail our competitiveness and diminish our standing in the world. We can thrive in this century only with informed leadership and concerted action that prepares Americans to compete.

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Fast, Free, Online: The ASCD School Improvement Tool

Designed for use in schools and districts, the free ASCD School Improvement Tool offers educators a comprehensive and completely online needs assessment.