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Engaging the Whole Child

Educational Leadership, ASCD, 2007. (web publication)

Which practices put the whole child at the center of the education enterprise? Learn about practices that challenge students academically, engage their interests and enthusiasm, and support them as learners and people.

Counting on Graduation: An Agenda for State Leadership

The Education Trust, 2008. (PDF, 10 pgs.)

An agenda to improve graduation rates and data collection on the rates themselves.

Core Principles for Engaging Young People in Community Change

Forum for Youth Investment and Impact Strategies, 2007. (PDF, 32 pgs.)

Important but simple youth engagement principles for a wide range of organizations, including schools, youth organizations, or community centers that want to strengthen their commitment to youth leadership, or community-change focused organizations or coalitions that want to strengthen their commitment to youth involvement.

At Your Service

Educational Leadership, ASCD, 2008. (web article)

A middle school literacy coach in a high poverty school describes her efforts to engage her reluctant learners through service-learning. The article includes resources for implementing service-learning.

Activating the Desire to Learn

ASCD, 2007. (book, available for purchase, 168 pgs.)

This book from author Bob Sullo shows teachers where the desire to learn comes from and how they can activate it in students.

Parent Involvement Checklist

Project Appleseed, 2010. (web resource)

This checklist, which is based on the Six Slices of Parental Involvement, can be used to evaluate and improve parent-school partnerships.

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Fast, Free, Online: The ASCD School Improvement Tool

Designed for use in schools and districts, the free ASCD School Improvement Tool offers educators a comprehensive and completely online needs assessment.