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School Culture and Climate

ASCD. (web resource)

ASCD’s website provides a list of school climate resources under its “Research a Topic” section.

Policy Update: Cyberbullying

National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE), 2007. (PDF, 2 pgs.)

A brief policy update from the Policy Information Clearinghouse on cyberbullying including issues to consider and state actions to address the problem.

Enhancing Achievement and Proficiency Through Safe and Drug-Free Schools

U.S. Department of Education, Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Advisory Committee, 2007. (MS WORD, 54 pgs.)

Report by a panel formed by Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings to respond to questions regarding Department of Education policies for Safe and Drug Free Schools.


Policy, Safe

Broadening the World of Early Adolescents

Educational Leadership, ASCD, 2006. (web article)

Middle schools need to balance social development and academic achievement for early adolescents, and be mindful of structures that heighten social segregation.

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Fast, Free, Online: The ASCD School Improvement Tool

Designed for use in schools and districts, the free ASCD School Improvement Tool offers educators a comprehensive and completely online needs assessment.